Print Mannual

Project 1: Insert

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 1.39.56 PM

we had to design a B+W, 2-sided A5 magazine insert.

I learned:

  • how to change the image to black and white using adjustments in Photoshop.
  • that we have to export images to tif and vectors to eps.
  • how to add a slug.
  • how to make a package file. File-Package.
  • how to print double sided document.


  • Mock-up. 2-sided A5 print and trimed to size, B+W/greyscale
  • Mark-up. Annotated file mark-ups. Printed in B+W, both sides. including the slug.
  • Digital Files.

Project 2: Flyer

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 1.40.38 PM








We had to design a B+W plus one spot color, 1-sided A4 flyer. that announced an upcoming music event.

I learned:

  • how to design a B+W logo for the festival by using illustrator.
  • how to add 1 spot color ( i used purple with different shades)
  • how to use the blend tool.


  • Mock-up. One side A4 flyer, print and trimmed to size, B+W/greyscale + one spot-color.
  • Mark-up. Annotated file mark-ups. Printed on one side.
  • Digital Files.

Project 3: Book

We had to design a 4-color (CMYK), 2-sided, saddle stitched booklet based on the information I gathered from the internet.

I learned:

  • how to setup a new book file on in-design.
  • how to make a grid and used it in the book.
  • save the images with the right extension, with the right set-ups (image size, color mode)


  • Mock-up. One 16 page mock-up, CMYK + appropriate builds. A5 in size.
  • Mark-up. Annotated file mark-ups. Printed all the booklet spreads and trimmed with the slug.
  • Digital Files.

Project 4: Package

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 1.42.44 PM

We had to design a 6-color (CMYK+2) package.

I learned:

  • how to set the package template.
  • how to add a spot color and a varnish.
  • how to clip path the raster images.


  • Mock-up. One package Mock-up of my cubic template.
  • Mark-up. Annotated file mark-ups. Printed with the slug.
  • Digital Files.

Outcome plan

When I spoke to Basma and Levi, I was going to create a game. However, I realized that I wasn’t really into game design and I wasn’t familiar with the system. Also I wouldn’t have the time to complete it because the due date is so soon. I talked to Levi about the game design and he recommended for me to look up certain games so that I would get an idea to how mine would be. So I looked back at the notes and realized that there were many interesting responses so I decided to make a book. When I shared my outcome with Basma she recommended that I change my outcome to make it more interesting.¬†She told me that I can create collective figures and have them all in one collection I want to do more than just a book, I am planning to create more than one outcome and have them all linked to each other.

Abstract Poster

abstract poster_F-03

abstract poster_F-02

The inspiration behind my poster was a henna pattern. I decided that it would look interesting because it reminds me a lot of my topic, which is all about culture and traditions, and henna is a traditional way of painting/drawing on your skin. I experimented a lot with color and with hierarchy, but ended up going for the colorful one at the top because of its happy and optimistic vibes.